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Twin Daddy

What is it like to be the father of twins:

 When I am asked on what it’s like to be the father of twins, a lot of thoughts and moments run through my head. It has been a challenging, tough but greatly rewarding experience.

 When I first found out that we are having twins on January 25, 2005. The news didn’t completely sink in as we were digging ourselves out of a major snowstorm   and it was the day my beloved Eagles were playing in the NFC championship game.   I still think that it didn’t totally sink in until the day the of the emergency C-section that occurred months later.

I just made it to the hospital as the doctors had to act quick as one of the babies was under duress.  I was scared and it continued to take my mind off the fact that I was going to be the father of twin girls.

It wasn’t until later in the day in the Intensive Care Unit that I realized I was the father of twin girls.  I started thinking on how we were going to take care of two babies, how we were going to pay for everything, how we were going to have time for our other two young sons, and how we were going to find time for our marriage and for ourselves. These concerns quickly dissipated as I looked at my new daughters as I was overcome by love.  The bond with my daughters was formed and grows stronger each day.

Being the parent of twins comes with a lot of challenges and life lessons. You should be prepared to accept a certain level of mess (both disorder and untidiness), appreciate the little things like your baby’s smile, and learn to not sweat the small stuff- sometimes chores can wait so that you can enjoy the important things in your life like playing with your children. This will be hard but you should try not to feel overwhelmed when your twins both need their diapers changed or they both need to be fed and you are the only one home

Other things I have learned as being the father of twin girls include:

1)Trying to stop the misbehavior of two kids will test your patience. Try not to let this get to you or it will wear you out

2)You will need to understand and respect the secret communication aspect of twins. This doesn’t end and I just witnessed it  this  weekend during a friendly card game with them

3)Be prepared to be ganged up on

4) Be aware that one of the twins will always be first- you will have to praise both

5) Try to have one-on-one time so that they can be their own individual

6) Looking at two smiles is a great feeling

Raising twins has been filled with challenges and amazing experiences. Through their new born time and now the completion of their grade school years, the love for my daughters continues to grow and has   nourished my life.


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