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Haakaa Review from an experience breastfeeding mom.

I decided to try out the Haakaa because I had heard through my line of work (lactation support at a large hospital) that lots of moms were raving about it. I watched a few YouTube videos of moms using it, and decided that it could be helpful as a “travel” pump when I am on the go. I don’t leak from my other breast when I am breastfeeding, so I never planned to use it while breastfeeding. The first time I used it, I didn’t realize that you have to wait a couple of minutes with the HaaKaa on your breast before the let- down occurs, so I kept trying to reposition it. Finally, I must have just been squeezing it enough while repositioning, that milk did start to flow. I was only able to express about an ounce, but chalked it up to user’s error. I re-read the instructions on the box and watched some more YouTube videos before trying again. This time, I got myself relaxed and just let the HaaKaa do its job suctioned to my breast. Sure enough, within a couple of minutes my milk was spraying out! I did have to readjust a few times to keep the suction sealed, which became harder to do with increasing volumes of milk. One woman on YouTube had experienced the same thing and suggested keeping a bottle next to you to pour off during your pumping session. I was super excited after this session! I was able to express 3 ounces! Therefore, on a recent road trip, I decided to try it out in the car. (I was the passenger, by the way!) This session was just a fail. The Haakaa would not hold suction and kept falling off. I made sure there was no clothing getting in the way. I kept at it for probably 20 minutes, trying both breasts, and only managed to drip out (not spray out) half an ounce! So, my current review of the Haakaa is that it’s not as easy to use as it looks, and results may vary. To be sure, I’ll try it again to see if I can recreate that successful Haakaa experience!

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