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May 22, "Thank Dr. Juan Day", also known as the twins birthday.

I can't believe it's been 13 years since these little ones lives were saved by some exceptional doctors and nurses. To them I know it was just another day of work. To me and my family it was a miracle. I take this day every year to remember I'm blessed by their lives... Appreciate the skills of all those who helped bring them into this world healthy.. And also to remember the impact I have on others, to be part of their miracles each day...blessed to be a mother. Blessed to be a nurse..

I was 32 weeks into a relatively uneventful twin pregnancy. I had an uncomfortable night, some irregular contractions, not sure if both babies were moving, so I went to the hospital to be evaluated. I was evaluated and everything seemed OK but the doctor decided to keep me overnight for monitoring. I had an uncomfortable night the nurses were having trouble keeping both babies on the monitor. The morning came and I was not really having contractions., but the nurse readjusted to get a good reading so I can be discharged. The resident, Dr. Juan Gonzales came in, took a peek at the reading and did a quick ultrasound and calmly said "I am going to get the Attending to take a look, but there is a chance we might want to deliver the babies" I was calm but I called my husband to come in. (He was home with our boys).

The next few hours were a blur. My nurse called my friend, Laura, working on another unit, who came and sat with me until my husband came. He sat down next to me in the OR and 30 seconds later they cut me open. I remember the "gush" of fluid I heard. Jessica who was formally know as "Baby B" was now Baby A, distress and the first baby out. Less than a minute later, Jillian was born and both babies taken quickly by the neonatologist for care. Both girls born at 1:50pm.

I never will forget the first meeting with the neonatologist. He starts off with "nothing I am going to tell you is your fault" Now I know he meant this to be helpful, but... It was not. The story started out as Baby A looks funny, she has some odd markings on her and we don't know why. I needed to see them. They were a few hours old and I have not seen them yet. I insisted on getting my fresh c-section body into a wheel chair and seeing them. Jessica did look funny, her head misshaped, some weird lesions on her legs and head. But one look at both of them and I knew in my heart, they would be OK.

That was the start of a month long stay in the NICU, after tests, biopsies and examination, it was decided, Jillian was squishing Jessica in the womb and she had lesions from rubbing, This had some benefits. It left a scar on leg for easy "twin identification". Jess also had a great story of how her sister squished her in the womb.

That was the start of my journey as a twin mom. I take

this day every year to celebrate their birth and to thank Dr. Juan. Without his thorough care I might have never had the chance to win at twinning.

Jess's leg to help with "twin identification"

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