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"Thank you Mom"..

As we celebrate Mother’s Day I thought I would switch my focus. Instead of writing about being a mom, I’m going to write about having a mom. Motherhood is a thankless job. This is not news to anyone, until you are the one not being thanked. It is then that you appreciate all that it entails.

Motherhood does not come with a handbook but luckily I did not need one. The best thing my mother ever gave me was the role model of a strong independent woman who was a kind loving mother. I can give you examples from childhood to adulthood that inspired me. I cant wait to share my latest 'A-ha' moment of “thanking your mother”

This Mother’s Day was my day to work at the hospital. Helping new moms on Mother’s Day makes it a little extra special. I like spending the day with new moms. Fortunately, I spent Friday and Saturday with my girls and my mom at her beach house getting it ready for summer. We hung out, played cards (I won) and did some gardening. On Sunday, I went to work. Late that morning I called my mom to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. She tells me my kids just called her too. "Oh. My kids are awake?" They did not call me. Then I waited. I checked in on one that was sick. "Feel better today?” I texted. She answered with a “yes.” I couldn't believe, I had no call nor text of “Happy Mother’s Day”. My kids went to visit their other Grandmother. I reasoned "maybe they left me a." When I got home from work there was an empty house. Nothing!

Trying not to be disappointed. I called my mother. She offered to take me out to dinner. We went out and talked a bit. That's when I had my Aha moment. When my mom found out about my snub, she was mad at my kids and preceded to tell me how sweet and thoughtful I was as a child. While she talked I was thinking about all the times I did take her for granted. When she put me and my brother before herself. I was not always sweet, I did have some bitchy teenage moments. But she did not remember all those moments. She remembered a sweet and kind me. Although any other day my four kids would normally call me at work to ask me where their “insert any item here” is, or complain that their sibling took their “insert any other item here”. I was disappointed I did not get a “Happy Mother’s Day" call. When I think about my kids, they ARE sweet and thoughtful. Jack will share his lemonade I like. Jess knows I love her morning snuggles. Jimmy will call and ask if he can cook dinner for the family. Jill likes to be the “good daughter” and helps me with laundry. Actions speak stronger than words.

My kids are sweet and thoughtful. Although they won’t thank me for it! In my eyes that is a "win" at motherhood. And I thank my mom for reminding me that.

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