Multiple Children? Be prepared for a multitude of silly questions...

Target was the weekly outing when my kids were small. Kill two hours, see adults, get some toilet paper and maybe pick up dinner. As mothers of multiples know, you can’t go out in public without expecting some comments. You do become numb to it after awhile. The spectacle of me with a gaggle of kids in tow usually brought some attention. I remember being in the store, my twins must have been about two years old and my middle son five years old and a lady looks at us and says “twins.. you have your hands full”. Without skipping a beat, my daughter replied “yep, and we have one at school”. I laughed. That was my standard answer to that question. At least I know she listens to me sometimes!

In the United States, our culture has a fascination with multiples. Anyone who has twins or is a twin is well aware of the attention they get. I asked some mothers of multiples and some multiples themselves, “What are the questions you always hear from strangers?”.

Better you than me”. This one started when I was pregnant. I used to get offended. I had the response “if God won’t give you more than you can handle, he must believe I can do it”. Now I just say “yes, I’m lucky”. And leave it at that. I really am still baffled about why to say that.

Who is older?” This is a question both moms of multiples and multiples themselves hear often. Really. Does it matter? But it seems to be the most sought after answer from strangers on the street.

Are they identical?” I see where this might spark some curiosity. But I know a mom of boy/girl twins that gets asked this question often too. I go with the recommendation I give many... think before you speak!

Were they natural?” Not sure if that is referring to being conceived in a test tube or birthed from my vagina. Either way probably not the information you feel needs to be shared with strangers. I would recommend humor and avoidance.

"Do they have a special connection - can you read each other's mind?" Both my daughters separately said this was the most common question. They like to have fun with it and make something up in the moment. Like "when I pinch my nose she feels it"!

Your children are always watching and learning. So if you want to win at twinning, be prepared for the attention, be ready for the odd questions and see some humor in it.