Who Did What? How to prevent twin confusion syndrome for the tired parent...

Who is Who?!?

Caring for a baby is a 24/7 job, unfortunately when you have more than one baby you don’t get any extra hours in the day to care for the other one. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the early years when your sleep is a commodity and each day seems like the one before.

1.Identify each baby.

Having one of each sex makes it easy, same sex siblings can be more confusing! Don’t rely on “this one is has a fuller face” or “darker hair”. Once the hospital ID bands

come off you will need an easy way for you and anyone helping you to tell them apart. Quick fixes are nail polish on the toes, ear piercings, or new bracelets. These are visual ways to identify each baby..

2. Write everything down.

As simple as a notebook or as high tech as a baby app, for example, Baby Tracker(TM), keep everything for the babies in one place. Everything including feedings, diapers, milestones, and concerns, write it all down. Don’t expect yourself to remember which baby did what, when and how often.. Remember this: they will ask you one day ten years from now who walked first, and you will wish you had it written down!

3. Use visual clues to help you remember.

I assigned them color combinations. Jillian was pink or yellow. Jessica was purple, or green. This helped me to remember by visualizing the color combinations who was who. Another visual clue is having pre-assigned baby spaces or sides of the room. When you are exhausted at 2am, you know the one on the right is always the same child.

Just accept it now: You will feed one baby twice, and you will not remember everything about each of them. I hope some of these tips will help you feel like you are Winning at Twinning!

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