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Getting Started...

Getting Started...

Getting Started...

The year after Jillian and Jessica were born I heard a common question at work, "Jen, can you go talk to this new mom who just had twins?”. Being the only postpartum nurse on my unit with multiples, I was now the go-to person for advice. I spent some time putting together tips to share:

• Accept ALL offers of help. There is no reward at the end of the day for doing everything on your own. You can't imagine the pressure this will take off of you!

• Write everything down. It can be on your phone, in a notebook or even in a fancy journal. The first year becomes a big blur. Take lots of pictures and jot down notes to help you remember later. You can even convert your feeding/diaper log into a memory book, virtual or hard copy!

• Establish a list of priorities. The babies’ needs will come first, as well as other children's needs. Feeding, bathing, bonding will be on the top of the list. Your needs are on the list too! Be mindful to eat and sleep. Some days you will accomplish the bare minimum... and that is OK! Household chores can wait.

• Get out of the house! Make this a daily thing. Walks, visiting friends, anything to get you out of the house once a day. It will help you keep your sanity.

• Make Baby Stations throughout the house. Have diapers, wipes, change of clothes, blankets, anything you may need handy.

• Make Baby Safe areas throughout house also. There will be times when one baby will need your attention. Swings, Carriers, Bouncy Seats are good Baby Safe items for this.

Just remember, it’s not easy! It’s not just one more kid… it’s double! If something is working go for it. There is no right or wrong way of managing multiples. Winning means having happy and healthy babies and a happy and healthy Mom!

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