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The Shock!

The Shock!

About 14 weeks into my very uneventful 3rd pregnancy, I was tired and gaining weight faster than before, but I was a part-time postpartum nurse and full time mother to active boys 2,4. My OB told me to "cut back on the carbs!”.

My husband was stuck at home in a snowstorm with two toddlers, when I had my first ultrasound. Little did I know how big a surprise those results would be.

There were two babies! I was full of so many emotions, excitement and fear topped the list. How was I going to do this? I was doubling my kid load! I had breastfed my first two, but would I be able to breastfeed both of these babies? I had just been certified as an IBCLC and I knew that I should be able to do this, but to be honest, I was not sure if I totally believed that. I breastfed before. Milk supply had always been an issue. Could I do this? I want to, I am a Lactation Consultant, should be easy right? Not always!

Check back weekly to see my tips to help you be prepared for baby and win the twinning game..

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