About Us


Jennifer Peterman, BSN, RN, IBCLC

Expert Educator, Lactation Consultant, Co-Founder

Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2003



From my twenty years of experience of helping mothers and babies during their hospital stay, I would like to prepare you for one of the most rewarding but challenging experiences of your life. By learning BEFORE you have the baby, you are growing knowledge and skills to help you feel confident. Gaining realistic expectations of what to expect in the delivery room and in the days that follow, BabyCentric Concepts helps you meet YOUR  family's goals!  


Jennifer has worked at a large, urban, university medical center for over 20 years in Philadelphia. Most recently she has been the task force project manager for successful implementation of the Baby-Friendly, USA, inc, designation. Her team was one of the 89 hospitals selected to be in the first of its kind, national quality improvement collaborative, "Best Fed Beginnings" to improve maternity care practices and  increase the number of hospitals designated as "Baby-Friendly" sponsored by NICHQ and the CDC. Jen acts as a mentor and advisor to other hospitals seeking to promote culture change to support breastfeeding practices at the State level by serving on the State of Pennsylvania's Keystone 10 collaborative and at the regional level on the Philadelphia Multi-Hospital Breastfeeding Task Force. She presented and helped to create a regional conference the "Ten Steps Symposium:Attaining Baby-Friendly Status" in December of 2016 and will be presenting her findings on this topic at the National Convention for AWHONN (Association for Women's Health, Obstetrical, and Neonatal Nurses) in June 2018 in Tampa, Florida.


Jen is a proud mother of four children, two teenage boys and identical twin girls! In her spare time she loves  running, and has found a new passion for training and competing in triathalons.  You can follow her adventures in photography on Instagram as @Jpx6


Christine Jaslar, BSN, RN, IBCLC

Expert Speaker, Lactation Consultant, Co-Founder

Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2002




Interestingly, I had been in the lactation field for many years before I had my "lightbulb" moment. It was reading about the intricacies of the human microbiome in the gut. It took something that society placed a such a high value on as a personal decision and brought the science and the research into my lactation consulting practice to better inform parents that it was more than a personal choice, it was a health choice for their infant. In my daily interactions with new parents I enjoy educating and inspiring them to see the often hidden benefits beyond the societal pressures .


Christine has been working with the highly vulnerable Neonatal Intensive Care population at a large, urban, academic medical center since 1992. She choose to also sub-specialize as a member of the Lactation Team since 1998, earning her International Board Certification Lactation Consultant Certificate in 2002. Currently, she divides her time in Lactation Consulting and Nursing Shared Governance Leadership. 

Christine has been featured on FOX 29 News and in the Huffington Post as a guest expert in Lactation issues. As an advocate of research, Christine has been a previous member of the Nursing Research Council at her hospital, and had been elected to be chair position until Jan 2018. During that time, she successfully helped coordinate nursing research conferences at her hospital with nationally acclaimed researchers. Using that experience, she chaired a conference committee to highlight successful implementation of the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding, a global initiative, to the Philadelphia region. Christine has had a poster presentation at the International Milk Banking Conference and will be attending the National AWHONN Conference in June of 2018 for two Poster presentations: Transgender Breastfeeding and for the Ten Steps Symposium.


Christine is a mom of four children, two of which are already in college. She has spent her time during the "child rearing" years being "that" mom: PTO mom, Girl Scout Leader, Church Volunteer, soccer/lacrosse/baseball/football/Irish dance/gymnastics/Girls on the Run mom. She has received national and local awards from Girl Scouting for her mentoring skills for young adult girls and for going above and beyond to integrate camping opportunities between service areas. She still continues to have time for Community service through Girl Scouting as Summer Day Camp Director and Church Volunteer.